Apr 26, 2012
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  • That little ass bike

    Julius SpradleyJulius Spradley9 days ago
  • Show grau

    Cabelim PatriotaCabelim Patriota15 days ago
  • That banshee was too clean

    C CC C27 days ago

    Colton MartinColton MartinMonth ago
  • Im buying a dirtbike in 1 and a half year

    KGKGMonth ago

  • Next learn how to clean up the trash on the sidewalks.

    DaybotDaybotMonth ago
  • Wheels up guns down

    1,000 subscribers with 0 videos1,000 subscribers with 0 videosMonth ago
  • I like de video

  • FREE

    Mark ColburnMark ColburnMonth ago
  • Slapppssss

    Ggang 2020Ggang 2020Month ago

    Daniel MarteDaniel MarteMonth ago
  • When you from Philly you will understand we brother 4 life

    Stephanie MurrayStephanie Murray2 months ago
    • 19

      Mikey SmithMikey Smith7 days ago
    • 500

      Mikey SmithMikey Smith7 days ago
    • Gegs

      Mikey SmithMikey Smith7 days ago
  • Goat!

    Christian VillegasChristian Villegas2 months ago
  • Who here in lockdown 2020 🤣🤣

    Mellybabii MbabiMellybabii Mbabi2 months ago
  • Yall philly niggaz looting crazy 😭😭 Yall wild fashoo! #Justice4George

    Joe HoustonJoe Houston2 months ago
  • Can't stop to watch this video every year

    Chacha TleeventchyChacha Tleeventchy2 months ago
  • Can some one link me the full song that is played at the beginning

    Joe SansomJoe Sansom2 months ago
  • Grandes que son. desde Argentina

    Valentino PazValentino Paz2 months ago
  • Freedom!!!!!

    albert Forlini general contractingalbert Forlini general contracting3 months ago
  • Awesome video. Now please do me a favor, Please DON'T COME TO MY NEIGHBORHOOD.

    Csx EngineCsx Engine3 months ago
  • There go my school 5:20

    DrexxlerDrexxler3 months ago
  • 2020🔊

    kattuks achterwielkattuks achterwiel3 months ago
  • it’s crazy how 12 pictures us as criminals riding and terrorizing the streets but this shit avoids us from gang life. smh 🤦🏻‍♂️.

    Ayden 2 WavyAyden 2 Wavy3 months ago
  • Whats the name of that song

    Lou NibberingLou Nibbering3 months ago
  • 🔴If you enjoy dirt bike content check out mine! It would mean a lot‼️

    Honda RidingHonda Riding3 months ago
  • Footage was cool but wassup w the wack 80s movie soundtrack

    K GK G3 months ago
  • That banshee

    Lachlan FearnLachlan Fearn3 months ago
  • Bro make another oneeee

    Nick RIZZONick RIZZO3 months ago

    Vinoth KumarVinoth Kumar3 months ago
  • D1935

    Aiden PaparoaAiden Paparoa3 months ago
  • I would absolutely love to see each and everyone of these riders get run over by a truck. Would help me sleep at night with a smile on my face

    Michael BMichael B3 months ago
    • Some pussy might do the job too. Kinda hard when you are one though. I understand.

      Kevin FittsKevin Fitts3 months ago
  • ive rode with some of those boys in the charm city movie. they kill that shit fr

    whiplash556whiplash5564 months ago
  • Name of the music???

    Amine MakAmine Mak4 months ago
  • 💎 in the ruff🥂

    butta Frankbutta Frank4 months ago
  • Anyone know the name of the background music from 4:20 - 5:00?? Seems like it’s from a movie or something but can’t figure it out. Any help is appreciated!

    Phillip SwartzPhillip Swartz4 months ago
  • I'd say make them have insurance on stuff n that way ppl are covered problem solved n have some rules for safety. Everybody wins

    Destin CoxDestin Cox4 months ago
  • Wanna join with my senda when i ever get the change to visit philly

    Sem van der VeenSem van der Veen4 months ago
  • Shoutout to meek mill but that 2 stroke with the fatty pipe painted white was ugly asf

    Nemanja DracaNemanja Draca4 months ago
  • I didnt know drake had he nuts? I spent a decade inside the wall and im FROM the street. Isnt drake from the DISNEY CHANNEL or sumn? Thats the most UN gangster shit i ever heard. How the hell you gonna be a canadian gangster anyways.gtfoh drake lmao.

    Michael EnglemanMichael Engleman4 months ago
  • They stuck me in huntingdon,my girl sold my ktm.

    Michael EnglemanMichael Engleman4 months ago
  • From 88 to 96 i was never OFF my bikes.i went from kansas city to bmore and all points between and got it IN.i miss the smell of the gas so much

    Michael EnglemanMichael Engleman4 months ago
  • Who else thinks that when they ride they should have a boom box playing hip hop music

    K NiceK Nice4 months ago
  • The coolest part about this is when you recognize the where in philly he's at

    xxxbbgxxxbbg4 months ago
  • who else watching this in 2020

    DayveontoflyDayveontofly4 months ago
  • Is that Lou racing garage? meek mad love bro I see u on leithgow do your thing being a voice for the hood !!

    Omar CabanOmar Caban4 months ago
  • LORD SACC throwing a alley hoop to king James LORD SACC is the same today and everyday forever everyday pay day thats how u pay back to all of yalls people's LORD SACC put on every one in the whole world LORD SACC loves all of his people's forever pouring out love all accross the whole world and the new heavens on earth forever

    Gary ThompsonGary Thompson4 months ago
  • 85: just being a bike for a 12yr old Meek: imma ruin this mans whole carreer

    Grin BeatzGrin Beatz5 months ago
  • Philly stand up 🔥🔥🔥I used to buy coke of this boy ... The realest. I never forget a face .... Meek be in N Philly

    Rock DRock D5 months ago
  • This made me love Meek Mill even more than his music. I can’t wait for his bike life movie to drop 2020

    George FGeorge F5 months ago
  • Ok DODGE recommend me this now 2020

    ochenochen5 months ago
  • My neighbours call me a shit for popping wheelies on the road Well, while I listen to DMX and watch the pros do it I can only dream of doing this down the main road of town. Anyone else?

    Hamish CavanaghHamish Cavanagh5 months ago
  • 2020?

    juzio xdjuzio xd5 months ago
  • #bikesupknivesdown

    Backwheel BramBackwheel Bram5 months ago
  • I just saw how old this is

    Brian PBrian P5 months ago
  • I love that brothas ride! And ride Good! But plz You guys put on helmets please. if you fall doing a Willy the first thing that’s going to hit the ground is your head ! so please put a lid on it!!

    Brian PBrian P5 months ago
  • This shit sound like some serious National Geographic episode ❗️💪🏾

    Kwaku JyamfiKwaku Jyamfi5 months ago
  • To see this makes me happy. Power in numbers

    Nicole CNicole C5 months ago
  • Background music from The Town, Movie....

    Preston HaleyPreston Haley5 months ago
  • Who tf thought the back ground music was a good idea?

    jay veejay vee5 months ago